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Wado Ryu Links Page.

Official web site for Sugasawa sensei and the Shikukai Karate International.

Shikukai club in Chelmsford, Essex.Club instructor Tim Shaw 6th Dan.

An excellent site for the history of the H. Ohtsuka the founder of Wado Ryu. The relationship between Wado Ryu Karate and Jujutsu. and much more.

Website of the Karate-Do Kenshu-Kai International. Based in Ireland, chief instructor Y. Iwasaki 7th Dan Kyoshi-Shihan.

A Shikukai club in The Netherlands. Club instructor

Martjin Schelen 3rd Dan.

Kendo, Iai-do and Jo-do.

Links page.

Official site for the British Kendo Association. Everything you need to find out about clubs, courses, and instruction in Kendo, Iai-do and Jo-do.

Supplier of equipment for Kendo, Iai-do and Jo-do and much more. Large stock and great service.

American site selling hand made Japanese swords.Good prices, plus accessories.

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